DH2023 Workshop – SIG-DLS Seven Years on (Program)

Date: July 10, 13:30-17:00

Venue: University of Graz, Universitätsplatz 3, A-8010 Graz – Workshop Venue 5


First Session (13:30 – 14:15)

Chair: Simone Rebora

Benjamin Nagy, Metre Matters

Lightning talks

Szemes Botond, Patterns of Clause Relations in Narrative Fiction

Gabriele Vezzani, “Condemned to Nothing but Masterpieces”: Style and Success in the Literary Field

Shai Gordin and Avital Romach, Layers of Authorship in Cuneiform Texts


Second Session (14:15 – 15:15)

Chair: Joanna Byszuk

Veronica Mangiaterra, Chiara Barattieri di San Pietro, Valentina Bambini, Literary Metaphors: Neurocognitive Characteristics and Diachronic Evolution

Yuki Kyogoku, Yuzuki Tsukagshi, So Miyagawa, and Kyoko Amano, Comparative Analysis of Vedic Sanskrit Documents Using Doc2Vec and Transformer Models

Andrea Nini, The Statistical Approximation Hypothesis: A Cognitive Linguistic Explanation for the Effectiveness of Function Word Frequency


Coffee Break


Third Session (15:35 – 16:40)

Chair: Pablo Ruiz Fabo

Peter Boot and Marijn Koolen, Computing and Interpreting Valence in Literary Studies

Andre Kasen and Lars Johnsen, From Verification to Attribution with Authorship Profiles

Lightning talks

So Miyagawa, Yuzuki Tsukagoshi, Yuki Kyogoku, and Kyoko Amano, Analyzing Text Similarity in Vedic Sanskrit Texts: A Bipartite Approach Using Stylometry and Text Reuse Detection

Katja Tereshko, Readers Response on Linguistic Features of the Literary Text

Keli Du, Julia Dudar, Christof Schöch, Investigating Measures of Distinctiveness for the Genre-Based Classification of Entire Novels


SIG member’s meeting (16:40 – 17:00)

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About Simone Rebora

Simone Rebora is an associate professor of comparative literature at the University of Verona. As a postdoc, he worked at the Universities of Mainz, Bielefeld, Göttingen, and Basel. His main research interests are theory and history of literary historiography, reader response studies, and computational literary studies.

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