The Digital Literary Stylistics Special Interest Group (SIG-DLS)

brings together researchers from different perspectives to discuss theoretical, methodological and technical issues of doing digital style analysis, share resources, and organize events and initiatives. The SIG-DLS is a platform fostering the study of style in any type of discourse, register, and genre. Although the central focus is on aspects of literary discourse, this research also includes the study of non-literary texts.

The SIG sees itself providing a core “DH” service – enabling cutting-edge research at the interface of hermeneutic and “computational” communities. The group supports the development of text analysis pipelines, fosters tool and methods critique, encourages use of community hubs such as GitHub, supports building and sharing corpora, as well as the development of a shared conceptual and technical vocabulary to ensure that scholars taking distinct disciplinary approaches to style can grow from and build on one another’s work.

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